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Matt Kalil 12/12/09 AMST 377 Rick Berg Final Exam Paper Question #2 There are many things that can be said about the vietnam war, like the courageous men that fought in the war . Americans are so used to hearing the typical vietnam stories of how we lost because the vietnamese were ruthless savages and did not care for their own lives . Even stories of the United States going into the war with good intentions to save a Nation from the Communists and its wide spread . Whether they are all stories of heroism and bravery there are many other stories that are not spoken to often of and those are the stories that show some of the true colors of are nation . Stories of lies and deceit, the abandonment of innocent vietnamese people being left for dead . The minority soldiers were treated not as equals but as a disgrace to the uniform even though they were all fighting for their country . A lot of people are blind to the truth due to the simple fact that they want to be and therefor they always will be . Although there are many stories told about the war in Vietnam, stories about bravery and a great nation saving another from communism . The true story has very rarely gotten out to the public and stories are not of bravery and heroism but stories of lies and deceit . The stories that show how harsh people can really be and why we lost the war in Vietnam .
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The story “Betrayal” is a story of great tragedy and sadness, and is a story based of cruelty and abandonment . It is when the U . S . government waged a secret war in Laos during the Vietnam War, many of the Laotians people were allied with the Americans and Thavi's father alongside thousands of other Laotians had fought with American forces but were abandoned and left to face imprisonment or execution . They were left due to the fact that American forces were overwhelmed and had to withdraw, not taking with them there alleged allies . Hoping to find safety, Thavi's family made a harrowing escape to America were they hoped that with all their struggle that they could finally get away from the war . After arriving in America they discovered a different kind of war . A war against Gangs and racism, they had to fight for there lives against people of their own kind . This story make people wonder why we were really in Vietnam, if it was simply to help people why were they treated so harshly . To abandon a group of Laotian soldiers after waging a secret war on their enemies is cruel . I guess as long as the Americans were not harmed it makes everything all better . Hundreds of innocent people were killed based on our actions and all the United States did
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AMST FINAL - Matt Kalil 12/12/09 AMST 377 Rick Berg Final...

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