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Lakisah Mikell MNGT 5590 Case 5.1: Comparing Co-Workers Against Each Other: Does This Motivate Employees? 1. What’s your opinion regarding forced ranking performance appraisals? Do they motivate employees? In my opinion, forced ranking performance appraisals can work for some companies, but not for everyone. For example, a company like GE or General Motors could possibly benefit from forced ranking performance appraisals because these companies are driven by efficiency and producing positive results for the bottom line. Since these companies employ hundreds of thousands of people, it’s important for them to efficiently weed out the underperformers while still maintaining the efficiency of the company. Companies, like advertising firms, who rely on a lot of innovation wouldn’t fair well in implementing forced ranking performance appraisals. When it comes to motivating employees, it’s a catch-22. If you have two employees who are in the bottom 10% of underperformers, one employee may use this as a motivation tool because their hierarchy of needs is being
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