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Lakisah Mikell MNGT 5590 Case 10.1: Electrolux Cleans Up 1. How did Electrolux Chief Executive Straberg break down barriers (and increase communication) between departments? Why did he do this? Explain. Straberg broke down barriers by eliminating the barriers between all of the departments. This forced the designers, engineers, and marketers to work together to create new products. By doing this, communication increased because everyone had a chance to give their input on what kind of products should be created. Straberg did this because Electrolux needed to make some radical changes. Before this change, the company wasn’t known to be innovative. Designers would come up with ideas, engineers would build it, and marketers would come up with a way to present it to the public. In order to be a major worldwide competitor, Straberg knew that the old company structure would have to change in order to see successful results. 2.
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