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Lakisah Mikell MNGT 5590 Case 15.1: Rotating Leaders: Orpheus Orchestra 1. How are concepts for substitutes for leadership and neutralizers leadership relevant to this case? The concept of substitutes for leadership is very relevant to the case because the style of leadership that Orpheus chose is very unorthodox in comparison to a traditional orchestra. Instead of having the traditional conductor lead the orchestra, Orpheus chose to rotate different people in leadership positions. This way, everyone in the orchestra has many opportunities for their opinions to be heard and they also have a chance to showcase their ideas for feedback.
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Unformatted text preview: Their particular style of leadership has created a multi-dimensional way of viewing the benefits of not having a traditional leader. The concept of leadership neutralizers is relevant to this case as well because many have complained that being in a traditional orchestra wasnt satisfying. The conductor makes the final decisions and theres no room for anyone elses opinions to be heard. Plus, it also stifles the creativity of the other musicians. In this situation, having a leadership neutralizer will make it difficult for leadership to make a difference....
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