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Lakisah Mikell MNGT 5590 Week 1 Exercises Exercise 2.2: Determining Your Diversity Quotient In my diversity quotient assessment, there were nine questions that required me to answer true if the statement was true to me. After I completed the assessment, I found that I answered true to all nine questions . It’s interpreted that the more true responses you have, you’re more adaptable and open to diversity. I believe that the scoring for this assessment is correct because it truly reflects my openness to diversity. Throughout my education and work experience, I’m able to communicate and work with many different groups of people. I also enjoy learning about other cultures, countries, and how different they are from my norm. Exercise 3.1: Personality Insights In this assessment, the scores are used to determine how you view yourself. There were 27 statements where they were scored from 1(strongly disagree or definitely false) to 5(strongly
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Unformatted text preview: agree or definitely true). The statements were then grouped into to four categories: fair, assertive, equalitarian, and introspective. After I completed this assessment, my scores were: 3.3 in Fair, 3.8 in Assertive, 2.7 in Equalitarian, and 4.6 in Introspective . The Fair category shows that I see the world as treating me fairly. The Assertive category shows that I see myself as somewhat aggressive. The Equalitarian category shows that I view myself as nonauthoritarian a little bit. The Introspective section shows that I’m very observant of my surroundings and that I try to analyze the things that go on around me and why they occur. Overall, I do agree with my scores. In the Equalitarian category, I thought that I would’ve scored a little higher because I like to think of myself as pretty liberal and open to flexibility....
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