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Lakisah Mikell MNGT 5590 Exercise 4.1: Your Impressions of Others The purpose of completing this exercise was to measure to the extent of how stereotyping affects my view of others. There were seven individuals that were each rated in eight different categories (knowledgeable, intelligent, sensitive, open, conscientious, emotional, arrogant, boring). The individuals were: a recent college graduate beginning a career, internal service revenue accountant, service mechanic in a car dealership, elected official, experienced contract lawyer, emergency room nurse, and police officer. To measure my outcomes, I chose to answer the questions at the end of the exercise. 1. Which category of persons received your most favorable and which received your least favorable ratings? The recent college graduate received my most favorable rating because I’m a recent college graduate and I can empathize with the experiences they’ve gone through in searching for a new career. The halo effect would probably fit well here because of the
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