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MNGT 5590 Week 7 Exercises

MNGT 5590 Week 7 Exercises - In Case 1 I diagnosed this...

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Lakisah Mikell MNGT 5590 Exercise 15.1: Task and People Orientations This exercise was to measure whether I’m task oriented or people oriented when it comes to leadership. After I completed the exercise, I scored 8 in the concern for task and 9 in the concern for people. Overall, the results show that I’m slightly people oriented by one point. I do agree with the results because I have worked in groups where we didn’t always get along and I believe that in order for any group to be successful, the members must have respect for each other’s opinions, view points, and each other’s individual work ethic. Exercise 15.2: Leadership Style Analysis In this exercise, there are three cases that require a leadership diagnosis using the Vroon-Jago model. After I’ve read the cases, these were my conclusions:
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Unformatted text preview: In Case 1, I diagnosed this situation with the Autocratic and Consultative style because while Im the vice president and I do have the final decision, the sales managers do have some input regarding certain situations. In Case 2, I chose the Delegative style because this is a huge manufacturing company and it would be impossible to be the sole decision maker in every single department. This is where the responsibilities would be delegated to the department managers and their subordinates. In Case 3, I chose the Consultative and Group style because while I do have the final decision in the changes to the different accounts, I was once part of the group of subordinates where it was difficult to get everyone committed to the same ideas....
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