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Lakisah Mikell MRKT 5000 Week 2 Article Review “Corporate Social Responsibility In A Recession” Business Week. By: Jack and Suzy Welch May 20, 2009 Article Summary In this article, corporate social responsibility and how to implement this entity during a recession is being discussed. Companies, in general, are in business to make money and to increase the profits of shareholders. Adding the entity of corporate social responsibility, known as CSR, can boost a company’s image by investing in giving back to the community through volunteering, mentoring students, starting charitable organizations, contributing funds to non-profit organizations, or participating in improving the Earth’s environment by utilizing “green initiatives”. But, with the current recession going on, companies now must strike a balance between investing in corporate social responsibility and retaining their profits. While companies invest in CSR to attract current and future consumers, they must be careful not to invest too
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