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Unformatted text preview: Lakisah Mikell MRKT 5000 Week 3 Article Review “Gender, Behavior Influence Teen Marketing” BrandWeek. features/direct/e3ic1a340c9e2d852e593db578555b316f8 . By: Stacy Straczynski September 20, 2009 Article Summary This article takes a look at the consumer behavior of teenagers and how to market to this demographic. The author feels that gender and behavior influences the buying behaviors of teens. To fully gain better understanding of this demographic, both male and female teens were segmented into eleven key teen markets. For the male teens, the markets were: “young metrosexuals”, “big man on campus”, “technosapiens”, “red-blooded boys”, “tuned inward”, and “under construction”. For teen girls, the markets were: “jockettes”, “in-style socialites”, “most likely to succeed”, “style meets thrift”, and “traditionalists. Because this particular demographic is so diverse, brand marketers must consider many variables, including Internet usage and brand...
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