MRKT 5000 Week 5 Case Assignment Analysis

MRKT 5000 Week 5 Case Assignment Analysis - DELL GOES BACK...

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DELL GOES BACK TO ITS PC ROOTS Lakisah Mikell Week 5 Case Analysis Assignment MRKT 5000
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Dell is a computer company that originally made a name for itself by selling personal computers directly to consumers through its website, phone orders, and catalogs. In an industry where technology is rapidly changing and companies are expanding their product lines, Dell seized the opportunity to expand their product mix by adding new products such as flat screen televisions and tiny digital music players. Within their five years of growth, Dell became the number three consumer brand in the U.S. But, their strategy didn’t succeed and they ultimately had to change the direction of the company. Because the PC industry has grown into the maturity stage, other PC companies like Apple have explored other industries and have become major competitors. This has forced Dell to go back to the drawing board to rethink their strategy for their line of PC’s. By improving customer service and making production more cost effective, Dell is hoping to regain their spot at the top of the PC industry. Key Marketing Terms Product Mix – The composite, or total, group of products that an organization makes available to customers. Product Life Cycle – The progression of a product through four stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Introduction Stage – The initial stage of a product’s life cycle; its first appearance in the market place when sales start at zero and profits are negative. Growth Stage
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MRKT 5000 Week 5 Case Assignment Analysis - DELL GOES BACK...

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