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Unformatted text preview: Lakisah Mikell MRKT 5000 Week 6 Article Review “Web Shopping Hurting British Storefronts” BusinessWeek. By: James Thompson December 16, 2008 Article Summary This article is taking a look at how non-store retailers are affecting the overall retail industry in the UK region. At the time of this article, the recession was in full effect and banks were being bailed out. Because of this, everyone across the board was feeling the effects, especially retailers and consumers. With the growing popularity of the Internet, some retailers took advantage of developing web sites in order to sell their merchandise in more markets. The result: Online spending increased by 16 percent while overall retail footfall decreased by 9.1 percent. The UK is seeing a growing trend of consumers who research the products on the Internet while comparing their results to other retailers in order to find the lowest price. This is causing the Internet to win the battle against regular storefronts because “e-tailers” are aggressively attacking...
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