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Lakisah Mikell MRKT 5000 Week 7 Article Review “Five Sexist Trends the Advertising World Just Can’t Shake” Huffington Post. By: Alex Leo December 8, 2008 Article Summary The author of this article is taking a look at how advertising ads may come across as offensive while studying the trends within the industry that could be viewed as sexist. While the content of this article may be viewed as offensive at times by some, it does delve into five recurring trends that have been prominent this past year involving women. One of the trends, titled “Bondage”, shows how women in a Remy Martin ad campaign may be portrayed as being submissive while providing provocative images and fantasies for the men that consume the products. The company claims to be targeting a market of influential and urban men, ages 25 to 35, with images that appeal to their senses, especially the visual sense. While you don’t clearly see the
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