MRKT 5000 Week 7 Case Analysis Assignment

MRKT 5000 Week 7 Case Analysis Assignment - T-MOBILE...

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T-MOBILE PROMOTES WITH CELEBRITY SIDEKICKS Lakisah Mikell Week 7 Case Analysis Assignment MRKT 5000
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Case Summary T-Mobile started out as a wireless company located in Germany, known as T-Mobil. With the purchase of U.S. wireless carrier Voice Stream Wireless, and adding the “e” in T-Mobil for a more English feel, T-Mobile became the first European company to enter into the highly competitive U.S. wireless phone market. The company faced the early challenge of promoting their products while building their brand image nationwide. To accomplish this feat, T-Mobile decided to implement a consistent brand image by using one advertising agency that handles all of their advertising. Because of this, T-Mobile has grown to become the fastest growing wireless carrier in the U.S. and their star-studded promotional efforts helped a great deal. By utilizing highly recognizable celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paris Hilton, T-Mobile created ads that were noticeable and remembered by consumers. Also, their partnership with the NBA and Juicy Couture will allow then to reach wider markets and attract potential customers. While it seems as if everything is working in their favor, T-Mobile is lacking multimedia services to go along with their wireless phones and other services. T-Mobile is hoping to avoid that by promoting their highly rated customer service. But, only time will tell if they’re able to withstand the test of time in an age where their competitors aren’t just selling phones, they’re selling and creating a multimedia experience. Key Marketing Terms Personal Selling – Paid personal communication that attempts to inform customers and persuade them to buy products in an exchange situation Advertising – Paid nonpersonal communication about an organization and its products transmitted to a target audience through mass media.
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MRKT 5000 Week 7 Case Analysis Assignment - T-MOBILE...

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