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Macroecon Article assignment #1 - the law of supply,...

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PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS ARTICLE ASSIGNMENT SHEET Spring 2010 – Daniels Name: David Carbajal 1. Provide information on the article you chose in the following table. Article Title A Chicken-and- Egg Question Source SmartMoney Date December 2009 Page 28 Link (if online source) 2. In the following table identify at least two economic concepts from the class or text that the article addresses. Give a very brief explanation of how the article addresses these concepts. You may paraphrase passages of the article in your explanation. Concept 1 Law of Supply Explanation This article talks about the low prices for agricultural commodities. According to
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Unformatted text preview: the law of supply, farmers are producing less because of drop of commodities. Concept 2 Producer Surplus Explanation A surplus creates a downward pressure on the price. In this article, farmers have a large surplus creating a downward pressure on prices. Concept 3 Opportunity Cost Explanation In this article it shows that the farmers production is inefficient. For an example, dairy farmers are not producing as much as they would like, so therefore they have to slaughter their cattle in order to down size their business. 3. Attach the original article to this sheet....
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