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1 R Computer Lab Tutorial—Initial Experience [Revision 0] First done on 2/3/10 in MA 306 General Information: If you have not already done so, download R onto your home computer from the CRAN site. See STAT 458 web site for hot link in this regard. R works for Windows, Mac, or Unix. I am not familiar with Mac or Unix installation (but Dick Lane and others are familiar with other operating system installations). Use the default placement of the program (which in Windows will be MY COMPUTER folder) Download R Commander onto your home computer also, in the same folder where R is loaded (i.e., MY COMPUTER for Windows). Again, see the STAT 458 site for hot link instructions on this. Although our emphasis will be on the statistical capabilities of R in this class, I want to bring to your attention that this free software is a rather multi-purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System). I have used it in some linear algebra work I have done, myself. Step 1: Click on the R icon in the Desktop . 2 screens: R Commander minimize this. R Console (below) read the information, then “wipe your screen clean”
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Step 2: Type direct input to R. R Console is the main screen where you input R commands (in red) and get text output (in blue). The > means that the computer is ready for you to type or make input (it is called a program “prompt”). Type the following in the R Console window, followed by ENTER, after each line. 11+5/7+1 (11+5/7+1 (11+5)/(7+1) 2^3 sqrt(36) Note that every answer is prefaced by [1]. This is R telling you that the number which is the answer is a 1 by 1 matrix!! Don’t worry about any of that now. Step 3: Review the help menu and other help manuals. The command qnorm is a valid R command (finding the normal distribution quantiles). Since we want to see the Command Reference help file for R, type ?qnorm in the R Console, then ENTER . You should see this. Take a few minutes and go through some of the documentation, contents and index items in this file –you can see that this is a very valuable help file. When you are ready to move on, minimize this window, don’t exit it , so you can refer to it easily later. Now click on
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R_Lab_Tutorial_1 - R Computer Lab TutorialInitial...

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