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MCB164+S10+HW1-edited version

MCB164+S10+HW1-edited version - MCB164 S10 Homework 1 Due...

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MCB164 S10 Homework 1 Due in class May 13 or by 5 pm Friday May 14 40 points Includes amendments announced 5/13 Read the relevant sections of the article referenced below and answer the questions that follow. Your answers should be typed. You may work with friends or study partners but make sure that the answer to question eight is written in your own words. Alvaro D, Lisby M, Rothstein R. Genome-wide analysis of Rad52 foci reveals diverse mechanisms impacting recombination. PLoS Genet. 2007 Dec;3(12):e228. Questions: 1. (4 points) The key step of the screen that allowed the authors to easily create homozygous diploid gene knockouts relies on the use of a chromosome carrying a condition centromere. This was used for what purpose? (Choose one) a. To facilitate mating of the library strains with the Rad52-GFP containing strains. b. To selectively destabilize the chromosome complementing the deletion mutant. c. To ensure that all mutations recovered in the screen would be dominant.
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