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MCB164 S10 Practice problem set II 1. You have created a mouse model for “shrunken toenail syndrome” and find that two genes act in a simple biosynthetic pathway to create smooth toenails, BLUETOE (BT ) and SHRUNKEN TOENAIL (ST ). A bt -/- null mutant has smooth blue toenails and a st -/- null has white shrunken toenails. A normal mouse has smooth white toenails. ST BT A B C You cross 2 mice heterozygous for both mutations. Write the genotype that would correspond to each phenotypic class of F1 progeny shown below: Po: bt -/+ ; st -/+ X bt -/+ ; st -/+ F1: 9/16 smooth white: 3/16 smooth blue: 4/16 Shrunken white: 0 Shrunken blue: B. You find a dominant gain-of-function allele of BT that gives purple toenails ( bt D ) . Based on the pathway shown above, predict the phenotype of a bt D/+ ; st -/- a) shrunken white b) shrunken purple c) shrunken blue d) nonshrunken white e) nonshrunken purple f) nonshrunken blue
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2. The cell line NSCLC NCI-H1155 (non small cell lung carcinoma) is largely resistant to paclitaxel (Taxol) an antineoplastic drug that targets microtubule function. Although this drug has a modest effect on survival of patients, complete remissions are rarely observed. To understand how this cancer type is resistant to this drug, a genome wide RNAi screen was carried out to identify gene products involved in mediating chemoresistance (resistance to drugs) in cancer cells. The authors screened RNAi treated cell lines for cells that are more sensitive to the drug using a candidate mutant approach. (Nature. 2007 Apr 12; 446(7137): 815- 9). Circle the word that best completes the following sentences: a. This screen would be considered a (suppressor/ enhancer/ /complementation) screen. b. The effect of RNAi on gene targets would likely phenocopy a (loss-of-function/gain-of-
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MCB164+W10+practice+problem+set+2 - MCB164 S10 Practice...

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