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quiz3 - 7A-2 Quiz 3 DL See(J Name CHE A m Last First E"...

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Unformatted text preview: 7A-2 Quiz 3. DL See (J Name CHE A m Last First E!" C (III) tceuseon)‘ I certify by my signature that I will abide by the code ,1 _ of academic conduct of the University of California. Signature e .. " Lu“. 0 Lew / _ 1. Identical, beau}r 25 kg crates are slid up either of two frictionless ramps, A and B, to the same vertical height offthe ground, d= 1.5 m. (a) (30%) Using the energy-interaction model you have been learning in DL, explain in words on which of the ramps (A, B, or neither) is more work required to push the crate up to the top, and why. ’- \ W "I W‘s: AREthlW MK :0 5 ”‘3 A‘i {Both (rte-$23 have We saw masts . ‘ 'Fer Berlin {was (some; mtg eone'io‘er M efmaell fihél amide) position). Were'FnrQ, Hm work “Hymnal ire push one; (ma-Q we ram? A be iaem¥tcal he We work magma-eel 1h, {ugh We oi’htr crate up: ramp 3. (b) (25%) Calculate the amount of work (in units of Joules) required to push the crate up each of the ramps. 'FrbM earl (0.3) 4M1 work is 'HAQ S we ”FM- 'bo‘l"lri Etien‘ett‘l m3 = (25 1:31 to “my 1.50“) E 37—5 “M 23:15 3" (c) (45%) Suppose the 25 kg crates are now allowed to freely slide down from rest (v; = 0 m/s) from the top of both ramps, but now there is fiictign The ramps are made of identical materials. Using the energy-interaction model, explain in words on which ramp (A, B, or neither) will the crate have a greater velocity by the time it reaches the a bottom, and why. Your explanation must mention the energy-system changes, and their relative magnitudes, for each case- 59E same {1" berth $439413 . ~. K53; enemy IS iii-3+ tv’mm Al’f rl-“AKEJF AE‘W, a ) Mere. bE-Hq en (”AMP A $‘t‘CE Al’Eaefll’Eg mavefie we”: [5 “may” Wfihd MH‘ We argues; ~ - r AKE rump, mallow-3A; ’ffieere’Fm'e) is smafief om rmmhaA Gubell ’(V‘K’. urged-ix! is swalier (K MCE -* J-mvf -—%;,,ZJ;}1) My Jthe time “the male reaches 'Hm; heifi-em‘ e); r'an A'I‘Tfifi ES, ‘l‘ML trait 03‘“ have a fire-ask!“ valet-Hy bx, the lane 't-l‘ 111de We ‘ipeH—wm 01E ramp 6. Use at e nations and constants: W = Fqu; AEq-H '-= CAT; APEE = mgAy; AKE = lflvaz); APE,” = lf2kdl?); g5 = 10 kag (=or mfsz); Units of Joule: kg(m2/sz) = Nm. ...
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