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Physics 7A Exit Handout CG 2.1 from DLM 04 X Y Z FNTs For each of the following questions the before and after approach of the Energy Interaction Model will be critical. Use energy-system diagrams in your explanations, being careful to clearly identify initial and final conditions. All the tools you need for answering these questions were introduced in the first four DLs. 2.1-1) Three rocks of equal mass are thrown with identical speeds from the top of the same building. Rock X is thrown vertically downward, rock Y is thrown vertically upward, and rock Z is thrown horizontally. Which ball has the greatest speed just before it hits the ground? Assume air resistance is negligible. How can you determine this? You can guess, or you can use your intuition, or you can be 100% sure of your answer by applying the energy-interaction model. Start constructing a separate energy-system diagram for each rock, initially putting in only known information about all of the indicators. From this known
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