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Columbus (4.30) - Chicano Studies 141A Spring Semester 2010...

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Chicano Studies 141A Spring Semester 2010 Professor Oscar Cañedo Guidelines for Columbus discussion assignment For this assignment, you are to provide answers to some of the discussion questions from the Christopher Columbus and the Enterprise of the Indies textbook by Geoffrey Symcox and Blair Sullivan. The questions are located on pages 182-183. After you have completed reading the textbook, choose 9 of the 14 questions and compose detailed responses to them. It does not matter which 9 you select. The choices are yours. Write your answers on a Word document, and be sure to indicate which questions you are replying to. Follow the same pattern that is listed on pp.182-183. When you write your answers, please provide as much detail as possible, and cite the sections of the text you are using for information. For example, if you are relying on any of the documents from pages 43-176, simply indicate the document like this: (3), (15), etc., within
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