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Chicano Studies 141A Spring Semester 2010 US-Mexico War Internet Assignment For this assignment, you are to examine online articles about the US-Mexican War from the website devoted to the PBS documentary that first aired in 1998 . Click here for the link to the website . The due date for this assignment is Friday, May 21 at 11PM . The assignment is to be 5-7 pages in length. Please submit your assignment through WebCT. No late papers will be accepted. Please double-space your review and do not use a font larger than size 12. All reviews must be submitted by May 21 . This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade. In terms of the content of the review, you must review a total of three articles from the website. There are 3 sections to the website: Prelude to War , War (1846- 1848) , and Aftermath . In each section are a variety of different articles devoted to important issues regarding the war. The articles have been written by reputable scholars, both American and Mexican, such as Sam Haynes, Robert Johannsen, David Weber,
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