Fall 2009 2nd - Intermediate I 2nd Midterm exam review sheet Format 40 multiple choice questions This review sheet identifies the important topics

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Intermediate I: 2 nd Midterm exam review sheet Format: 40 multiple choice questions. This review sheet identifies the important topics. I offer no guarantee that every topic on the exam is listed on the sheet. There may also be topics listed on the sheet that don’t appear on the exam. The number of questions per chapter is approximate. The quizzes will be very useful for review. Chapter 8 (11 questions) Perpetual vs. periodic inventory methods (Ill8-3 and E8-9) Conceptual, journal entries, calculation of COGS under periodic Inventory errors (8-11) Calculation of impact on financial statement amounts Physical goods included/excluded in inventory Cost flow assumptions (p8-6) Calculation under the five assumptions: FIFO, LIFO periodic, LIFO perpetual, Avge Cost periodic, Ave Cost perpetual Dollar value LIFO (E8-25, P8-9) Calculation of ending inventory or price index Chapter 9 (8 questions) Lower of cost or market (E9-2, E9-4) Calculation, journal entry Gross profit method (E9-12) Retail inventory method (E9-25, Ill 9-22)
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