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Intermediate I: FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, including 5 questions related to a problem similar to the Bonds Payable problem available on Blackboard (in the solutions to suggested exercises folder) and 3 questions from the slides on IFRS. Suggested exercises are listed as good examples of material. The break down of the exam is: Chpts. 7-11 approximately 40%; Chpts. 12-15 and IFRS approximately 60%. There are 2 pages to this review sheet. Ch 1 to 6: Limited to the following topics: Objectives of Financial Reporting (Level 1, Illustration 2-7) Prepaid insurance entries (E3-10 (a)) Earnings per share (EPS) (slides and textbook) Ch 7: Allowance method for accounting for bad debts. E7-7, P7-2 Factoring of accounts receivable. E7-16, 17 Ch 8: Inventory equation (COGS calculations) and temporary inventory accounts Inventory errors (goods in transit, consigned goods). E8-11, 12 Dollar value LIFO.
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Final%20Exam%20Review%20Sheet%20Fall%202009 - Intermediate...

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