Importantconceptstocoverinweek8 - Important concepts to...

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Important concepts to cover in week 8: China – the awakening giant Reason for growth: 1) china’s “marketizing” its economy through changes, minimizing economic disruption and political opposition 2) economy opened to foreign investment and joint ventures < business organization by tow or more companies that combines their skill and assets> 3) government’s monopoly over foreign trade disbanded Trade and services flows Should we worry about the trade deficit? Manufacturing jobs: manufacturing output expands despite imports. Loss of manufacturing jobs—it’s worldwide phenomenon. Outsourcing of services: the U.S. has persistent surplus in trade of services Outsourcing Debates Concept and examples: Domestic Outsourcing—University of Texas at Austin: fires its own janitorial workers and contracts to an outside firm to provide janitorial services Offshore Outsourcing—Dell computer Co. Call Centers: fires a bunch of its own technical assistance workers, hires a bunch of new technical assistance workers in
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Importantconceptstocoverinweek8 - Important concepts to...

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