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MARK 3337 Professional Selling Exam 2 Review Chapter 6: Creating Product Solutions Tommy Boy Video Clip – What did Richard (little guy) and Tommy (big guy) represent about selling the product Product Strategy Explosion of Product Options – Example given in class Proposals – parts of them Parts to becoming a product expert Quantifying the solution Return on Investment – ROI Cost Benefit Analysis Competition – Understanding it and knowing how to address it Sources of product information Features and benefits – Bridge Statements Chapter 7: Product Selling Strategies that Add Value Positioning and Differentiation – examples provided in class and what their purpose was - commercials Value Proposition – how to create it Product Selling Model – three parts, how to they relate Product positioning options Competitive Analysis Worksheet – purpose of doing this Product Life Cycle Stages – Example given in class
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This note was uploaded on 05/12/2010 for the course MARK mark3337 taught by Professor Amyvandaveer during the Spring '10 term at University of Houston.

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Exam%202%20Review%20-%20SP%202010 - MARK 3337 Professional...

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