Exam%203%20Review - 2 Win-win solutions 3 Research in...

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Exam 3 Review Chapter 10: Approaching the Customer with Adaptive Selling 1. Preappoach vs. approach 2. Objectives for first call 3. Team selling 4. Business contact approaches 5. Gatekeeper role in sales Chapter 11: Creating the Consultative Sales Presentation 1. Guest speaker: name, job, topics 2. 4 part consultative sales presentation 3. Need discovery 4. Kinds of Questions – how they relate to SPIN questions 5. Presentation strategies 6. Persuasive presentation 7. Reminder presentation Chapter 12: Creating Value with the Sales Demonstration 1. Office Clip – How to make a demonstration 2. Creative demonstration – Texas Monthly example in class 3. Customer demonstration 4. Paper presentations – benefits 5. What to do when technology fails Chapter 13: Negotiating Buyer Concerns 1. Guest speaker: name, job, topics
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Win-win solutions 3. Research in negotiating and planning 4. Need for product 5. Price concerns 6. Negotiation preparations 7. Types of negotiating methods Chapter 14:Closing the Sales and Confirming the Partnership 1. Boiler Room Clip – ABC 2. Planning for close 3. Buyer anxieties 4. Closing methods 5. Trial close 6. Confirmation step 7. Dealing with loss 8. Competition Chapter 15: Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership 1. Office Clip – gift baskets 2. Reason for losing customers 3. Developing relationships 4. Follow through – importance of 5. Post sale services 6. Follow up objectives 7. Follow up methods 8. Expansion selling and kinds of 9. Partnership building 10. Handling complaints...
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Exam%203%20Review - 2 Win-win solutions 3 Research in...

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