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MAE 107 Problem JDG-NA01 1.) In the Matlab command window, construct an m × n matrix A = [ A ij ], say, A, in Matlab notation, with m,n each being approximately three or four and not necessarily equal, and A ij being real numbers of your choosing. Then. verify by inspection that the jth column vector c j of A is produced by a Matlab command of the form A(:, j). What is the command for generating the row vectors r T of A ? For the special case: A = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 (1) hand in a diary file showing the single command line that achieves each of the following tasks: a.) construction of A , b.) extraction of its 3rd row, c.) extraction of its 2nd column 2.) Verify that the M-function (Matlab function) eye(n) generates the nxn identity matrix (or ”idem- factor”) I . Familiarize yourself also with the M-function eye(k, j) . Note that the rows and columns of I define, respectively, the canonical column basis e j , whose i th component is given by δ ij , and the
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