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MAE 108 – Probability and Statistical Methods for Engineers – Winter 2010 Homework # 1 Assigned: January 6 2010 Due: January 13 2010, in class. Each problem is worth 10 points. 1. Let E , F , G be three events. Find expressions for the events that of E , F , G (a) only E occurs; (b) both E and G but not F occurs; (c) at least one of the events occurs; (d) at least two of the events occur; (e) all three occur; (f) none of the events occur; (g) at most one of them occur;
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Unformatted text preview: (h) at most two of them occur; (i) exactly two of them occur; (j) at most three of them occur; 2. Find simple expression for the events (a) E E (b) E E (c) ( E F ) ( E F ) (d) ( E F ) ( E F ) ( E F ) (e) ( E F ) ( F G ) 3. Ang & Tang, Problem 2.3 4. Ang & Tang, Problem 2.4 5. Ang & Tang, Problem 2.7 6. Ang & Tang, Problem 2.15...
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