The key issues in the comic strip between Anita and Tonnya is the issue of stealing

The key issues in the comic strip between Anita and Tonnya is the issue of stealing

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The key issues in the comic strip between Anita and Tonnya is the issue of stealing, or what they are doing which is I believe is called money laundering. In the comic strip Anita is conflicted as to what she should do about her friend Tonnya raising her salary, Anita takes a day to decide what she is going to do about her friend Tonnya who is doing something very wrong at their place of work. I don’t know if we can be sure as to what kind of judgement Anita used in deciding what to do about the money laundering situation. I do believe that we can say that Anita had to used moral judgement in her decision considering that it was her friend she needed to decide what to do about. When we are placed in that situation and it relates to our moral character we learn when we are younger and aquire as we get older too. Anita makes a decision as to report her friend and not to partake in what her friend was doing even though her risk of being caught might have been small. I came to conclusion that Anita made a decision because the subject of the issue was
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Unformatted text preview: with her friend and she was conflicted and had to look to her own morals to decide what to do. I too was face in a similar situation as Anita, but not as drastic. When working at Wegman’s a local grocery store a cashier whom I had gotten to know over the last few months had wrong out my purchases as one dollar when my lunch should have come close to ten dollars for a sub and some pop. When seeing this happen before my eyes and him being my friend I did not know what to do. At the end of my work shift I decide to approach the front end manager to tell him about what was done and to pay for the rest of my lunch. My friend was disaplined and forgave me for reporting him. My decision was moral as well as Anita’s for the same reasons as I previously stated. Although hard to do and struggling to make up my mind my moral decision was that I could not steal from the company in which I was working for. When that happens to you, what will you do?...
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