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Aseptic technique is a procedure that is performed under sterile condition in an effort to keep clients as free from germs as possible. It is a method used to prevent contamination of wound such as a tattoo or piercings’ susceptible to germs that could cause an infection. Aseptic technique is achieved by ensuring that only sterile equipment is used during the invasive procedure of piercing and tattooing. Medical asepsis is a process which a tattoo and body piercing shops use, otherwise known as”clean asepsis reduces the number of organisms and prevents their spread (Ignatavicius and Workman, 2006).” Tattoo and body piercing establishments do this by reducing heat, using gloves, and sterilizing their own equipment or use pre-sterilized equipment. One part of clean asepsis is to reduce the heat of the working environment. “Most germs thrive in an environment that is warm which means that they are growing a spreading much more rapidly than in a colder environment Ignatavicius and Workman, 2006).” To further protect the client a tattoo artist or body piercer must wear a clean outer garment. The person doing the procedure must “before working on each client shall clean their fingernails with their own nail file and shall thoroughly wash and scrub their hands with warm running water, an approved antibacterial soap, and their hand brush for thirty seconds to one full minute. The person doing the procedure shall not allow their hands to dry without used of a clean towel or other mechanical means.” When preparing the client for the procedure “the clients skin will be prepared by washing with warm water and the approved soap. When necessary to shave the area, a new disposable razor shall be used. Once the razor has been used on the client, the razor must be disposed of. That portion of the client’s skin shall be washed again with warm water and approved soap after the area was shaved. Following the cleaning and/or shaving of the client’s skin, the tattoo artist shall again wash and scrub their hands as described before. The body piercer or tattoo artist will wear single service, disposable gloves when servicing the client. The gloves must be properly disposed of once they are used on a client.” Also gloves should also be disposed of when touching anything other than the prepared work area for the procedure, for example the tattooing machine, inks, or the client to prevent the transfer of germs from another surface that may have been touched. “Before placing the design of a tattoo or a piercing the client’s skin, the person doing the procedure shall treat the skin area with an approved germicidal solution which shall be applied with sterile cotton or sterile gauze. If petroleum jelly is used, it must be listed in the United States Pharmacopeia or National Formulary, and shall be applied to the area to be used for the procedure and shall be in a collapsible metal or plastic tube. The application may be spread by the use of sterile gauze but not directly with the fingers. After the stencil used by a tattooist for
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papermainbody - Aseptic technique is a procedure that is...

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