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Detecting plagiarism checkpoint I submitted a document entitled “Lab courses go virtual”, written by Thomas F. Edgar as an original document to the Center for Writing Excellence plagiarism checker and received the following results: The overall percentage of the document similarity was 99%. reported that 97% of the submitted document as being plagiarized as of 11/16/08, reported the document similarities of 2% as of 3/21/09. Results from the plagiarism checker were remarkable, with color codes of red being the number one source of detecting plagiarism, green as the number two source of detection and blue as the third source. This color-coded system made it easy to understand, as well as recognize the areas within the document that had been plagiarized. As a faculty member, uncovering the plagiarized document, the course of action would be to review the document with the student. Point out the areas that were matched
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Unformatted text preview: to another document, questioning him or her why they copied another’s work not using proper citations, and educating the student about plagiarism referring to the “Student Code of Academic Integrity”. Intentional or unintentional plagiarism is dishonest and carries the same penalty: injuring yourself academically, faculty and classmates may lose respect for you, and robbing yourself the experience of conducting necessary research to submit an original document. Other types of behavior that would constitute academic dishonesty are self-plagiarism, dovetailing, double dipping, fabrication, misrepresentation, collusion, copyright infringement and the use of unauthorized assistance. Acknowledging the student’s first plagiarism offense, the student will be allowed to re-submit the document in an original form and deducting 10% of the grade for the submission of a late assignment....
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