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At the website a story appeared to me called Mother and Baby Survive Near-death Experiences . This article makes the claim of how a mother was dead but somehow both her and her newborn child lived. This claim was hard for me to accept because I thought that both the mother and the newborn child would surely pass in this situation. The background information concerning this claim can be validated since it comes from a creditable source such as CNN. The background information the author uses is that they take us up to the events that
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Unformatted text preview: preceded the incident straight up until the end. The information was well delivered because it came from a broadcasting company that knows how to deliver all kinds of news to the American public and other select countries around the world. I would believe that in this article the author is unbiased and trustworthy because they have no reason to skew such a miraculous event that occurred. iref=allsearch...
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