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Unformatted text preview: Checkpoint: How to Create Goals Short term and long term goals are similar but not the same. Clearly both are goals, but the difference is the length of time it would take to achieve them. Short term goals are goals that people use every day. People can set short term goals every night before they go to bed for the next day. Sometimes a person’s short term goals will lead up to accomplishing long term goals. Short term goals can last for an hour or as long as a month. A goal that would take more than a month to accomplish would be better defined as a long term goal. A person’s long term goals are very important because that’s where a person would see themselves in a longer period of time such as five to ten years. In order to accomplish these long term goals people plan out a series of short term goals so that a person can be successful in obtaining a person’s long term goals. People usually base the length of a person’s long term goals off of the amount of time it would tae to...
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