brainstorming - spoke on the map How does mind-mapping...

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Proper Tattoo and Piercing after care Style Atmosphere Law postings Using Aseptic Technique Proper care of tattoo’s both. written and demonstrated. Proper care of piercings both written and demonstrated. Lower infection rates Gives Customer secure feelings using clean technique Use of both internet, pre-made, and hand-made artistic skills in tattooing. technique. Up-to-date on all the latest piercing styles. Place will be clean and well organized. Comfortable and enjoyable place for age appropriate people. Visible posting of piercing and tattoo laws written and posted for all to see. Written contract and proper identification for piercing or tattoo. Appendix C Brainstorming Techniques COM 150
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Are you able to narrow your topic to a single spoke or to a subheader of a
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Unformatted text preview: spoke on the map? How does mind-mapping prepare you for outlining? I am able to narrow down to some of the subjects I would like to talk about with my topic. I am able to narrow down each subheader to the main points I would like to discuss within that paragraph. This technique allowed me to key in on important issues about my topic. Mind-mapping allows and author or authors to choose and focus points in which they will be discussing. Under each point the writer will use the main points of that subheader to write that paragraph and thus have the flow of the paper to be nice and even. Now all that is left after this stage is the writing, basically the whole paper has been written with the exception of the conclusion. COM 150...
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brainstorming - spoke on the map How does mind-mapping...

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