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Assignment: Analyzing Credibility Each example created for Progressive Insurance and Pedigree, was paid by each of the companies to promote their products. Both commercials promote slant in the contents by giving their bias opinion on what is being presented. The slant in Progressive is the idea they provide the best coverage for insurance at the better price. The insurance company reflects that people need insurance for life’s unexpected events, and people want to receive the most out of their money. Pedigree reflects that owners want the best or as stated, “Really good food” for their dogs. The sources are not credible because they are trying to promote their product and do not compare to other company’s products. Progressive does not state how they have the best coverage or what the coverage is. Pet owners may want the
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Unformatted text preview: best for their dogs, but it is not stated what is in the product to make Pedigree the better choice compared to other brands. The ad uses a person who has been through the procedure and tries to persuade the targeted audience with the experiences of the person. An individual who may have been in the same situation as the viewer often is used as a persuading technique. The ad invokes feeling to viewers making them believe if someone similar to them can take charge of their life, than so can they. If I ever needed to find a solution for weight loss, I would not make the decision to receive gastric bypass based on the information from the video. More research would need to be compiled before I committed myself to the procedure, such as the risks and benefits....
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