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Article Two ” Time Management” What key word search did you use to find the article? Used basic search: “Time management skills for college students” What is the title of the article? Relationship of Work Hours With Selected Health Behaviors and Academic Progress Among a College Student Cohort Who is the author? Kim Miller, Fred Danner, and Ruth Staten When was the article published? In the May-June 2008 issue of Journal of American College Health Was the article peer-reviewed? Yes. .I checked the box asking for only peer-reviewed articles In what database did you find the article? Gale PowerSearch ~ specifically ~ GeneralOneFile What was the main idea of the article? What is something new that you learned about the topic from this
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Unformatted text preview: article? The article/survey talks about the relationship between work and school among college students within the cohort setting. The article goes in depth to explain the findings of the documented health issues that students faced while working and attending school. Some of the findings concluded that students were more likely to work longer hours than to suffer from lack of sleep, which ultimately affected their overall health. The article is very complete with statistics and studies to back up their documented claims....
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