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Article One: “Distance Education” What key word search did you use to find the article? Used Boolean/phrase search: “Challenges with Distance Learning” What is the title of the article? Going the distance: Developing web-based shared learning programmes Who is the author? Sue Stanton When was the article published? 2001 by Whurr Publishers Ltd. Was the article peer-reviewed? Yes. .I checked the box asking for only peer-reviewed articles In what database did you find the article? EBSCOhost search ~ specifically ~ CINAHL Plus with Full Text
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Unformatted text preview: What was the main idea of the article? What is something new that you learned about the topic from this article? The article talks about the need for distance learning for educators in Canada. The article describes how the University of British Columbia is developing web-based learning. It also goes on to let readers know the benefits and challenges that distance learners face. The article is very complete with statistics and studies to back up their documented claims....
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