Ass # 6 - Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 21, 2010...

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Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 21, 2010 Assignment # 6 Dreams from my Father By Barack Obama 1. Plot Summary Chapter 10 This chapter discusses his work as a community as a community organizer in impoverished communities in Chicago. His boss Marty suggests Obama to take more time for relax because he works so hard and need some break to create some friendships with his friend. He meet some of the people are older than him. He joins a Christmas party in the Gardens and he danced with Angela, Mona and Shirley. He met Mrs. Crenshaw and she shared her family education experience to him. Her son never had to stop his education and had gone to a law degree from Yale University. However, her son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. By the time he reached Chicago, his thought the phrase of self-esteem. It perhaps with more self-esteem fewer blacks would be poor, he thought to himself, but he had no doubt that poverty did nothing for their self-esteem and he thoughts on black people's self-tortured behavior and thoughts about this aspect so little known by white people. When Obama and Rafiq have normal conversations, they are talk about the different people who are come from other counties. They live in United States but they don’t care about this country. They just want to create their own communities that it can help them to get more benefits in this country. Finally, he learns many experiences from
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Ass # 6 - Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 21, 2010...

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