Ass # 3 - Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 4, 2010...

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Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 4, 2010 Assignment # 3 Dreams from my Father By Barack Obama 1. Plot Summary When Obama was six years of age, he recalls many arguments. His parents separated and his mother married to an Indonesian named Lolo. He was an Indonesian academic and met Obama’s mother at University of Hawaii. Obama was lived in exotic Djakarta for three years where he attended schools. Barack was invited to live in Djakarta; he declined and chose to be a black American. Mother found a job for teaching English to Indonesian businesspersons at the American embassy. This was part of the U.S foreign aid package to developing countries. Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetorong was born. At the age of ten, he returns to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents, Gramp and Toot. His mother promised to him that she and half- sister remained in Indonesia in a short time and she’d try to make it there for Christmas. He went into a prestigious prep school and met a girl who name was Coretta. They were close friend but some children laughed at him and Coretta because they thought that Obama was Coretta’s boyfriend. He made a few friends and leaned to speak less often on class. When the day that Obama’s real father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr was came to the Hawaii to visit him, his teacher
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Ass # 3 - Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 4, 2010...

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