Ass # 2 - Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 3 2010...

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Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 3, 2010 Assignment # 2 Dreams from my Father By Barack Obama Chapter # 1 1. Plot Summary From the early side of Barack Obama's life, Barack Obama displays more interest in understanding how he grew up and where he was at the time he wrote. He was living in New York and busy with work and unrealized plans. He met an old man and his silence impressed him. When Obama’s aunt name Jane called him in phone to tell him a bad news. His father was killed in a car accident. He believes his father remained a myth to him, both more and less than a man. He wants to know more about his father and hope his mother could explain to him specifically. His childhood was difference than other children. In 1959, Obama’s father had studied econometrics in University of Hawaii. He won another scholarship, so he went to Harvard to pursue Ph.D. studies. Obama lived with his mother and grandparents in Hawaii from the time his was born until he was six years old. Obama’s grandparents were more troublesome during the Depression. Many things happened to his family. Especially when his grandmother Toot was found a crowd of children were chanting some words. They said, “Nigger Lover!” and
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Ass # 2 - Steven Wai Lee CSE 099 Date April 3 2010...

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