Essay 03 - Wai Lee Essay 3 Freedom of women Freedom is the...

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Wai Lee Essay # 3 April 23, 2010 Freedom of women Freedom is the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint. People need freedom to do whatever they want and it’s not just for men. Women also have freedom to make their life to become better. Education can award women a freedom In the story, “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.” by Lisa See, one of the characters named Lily. Her family gave her a very good education to help her become a good wife, so she could able to get more chance to marry a rich man in the town. She didn’t feel happy after her marriage because she had limited freedom with her husband and family. . But it is enough for her freedom. After marriage her husband decisions bothered on her that how she use her education? Whether she do job or not? If she permitted to do job, than husband decide how she use her income. She has no any right to take decision about herself. I think education give women a freedom, but snatched her decision power. Everybody have their own freedom. But we should utilise in a proper way. Today's womens are misusing it i think.Today they became free due to invention of technology.
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I had a best female friend in Hong Kong, her named was Vilna. She lived in domestic violence with her mother and younger brother. Her family was following the
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Essay 03 - Wai Lee Essay 3 Freedom of women Freedom is the...

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