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Sport team draft 3

Sport team draft 3 - Steven Wai Lee Composition#7 Draft#3...

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Steven Wai Lee November 30, 2009 Composition #7 Draft #3 Sport Team People like sports because it is a physical game or activity that they want to do for exercise. There are many different professional sport clubs in New York City. Many people can join sport club. It helps people to use the body in a way that will keep them healthily. I did a lot of sports when I was at high school. I joined a soccer team in eleventh grade. I thought sport was important exercise for me to improve my body. I learned some useful ideas call teamwork and sportsmanship. These things help my life. Sports can help your body become health. The doctor always advised people who work in city need to do a regular exercise for thirty minutes. Before I joined the soccer team, my classmates laughed at me because I was a weak boy. I had always got disease and I missing school very often. My family brought me into clinic. The doctor suggested I should join a sport team to improve my health, so I chose my favorite sport team soccer in school. Our team instructor was nice and he enjoyed his job. We needed to wake up early in the morning for running. Also after school we spent at least two hours training to shoot a ball at the goal and the
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