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Steven Wai Lee November 18, 2009 Composition# 5 Draft #3 The first time I lie to someone Will you have lie to someone? The answer may be yes. I can tell when someone is lying to me. I have a friend who borrow my money for his debt, but he lie to me. He uses the money for gamble. He gets very protect him and that is a sign of lying. I will say he definitely hiding some reason that he cannot tell. Also the refusal to make eye contact, but that is not always the case. Sometimes when people lie they also make too much eye contact, looking at you very intently and their eyes show them are thinking something else. Think of it this way for everyone. Can you say you have been completely honest all the time? You lie, people lie and I lie too, some people lie more than others and some people are compulsive liars. Some general example of lying like women lies about her age in the dating. Women who are 40 say they are 25. It is common because they are deceiving themselves in thinking that they are younger than they really are. Also they are single and maybe ashamed of their age. There are men who lie too, but I think most women don’t care much about the age of men. Otherwise, a lawyer knows his client is innocent. He using lie to help his client to get out of a bad situation. He will lie in court, or gives false evidence. If he loses a case, he might not get paid. That is the worst that can happen. These are some example of why people want to lie. When I was teenager, my mother told me lying was bad thing. If you lie too much,
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Compx3 - Steven Wai Lee November 18, 2009 Composition# 5...

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