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Steven Wai Lee October, 18, 2009 Composition#3 Experience of Volunteer The volunteer is a person who offers or agrees to do something without being forced or paid to do it. When I was young, my parents always taught me to help people in the community. My older brother was a volunteer who belong in Young Men’s Christian Association in Hong Kong. He frequently volunteers for extra work because he really likes to help people. Sometime he told me his job was meaningful and he said we have a moral obligation to help people who are in need. He is still work on it. His words had a strong effect on me. In High School, I joined the Boy Scout club. This is an organization that teaches boys how to look after themselves and encourages them to help others. Scouts do sport, learn useful skills, and go camping and volunteer. I wished that I could show more and more responsibility to requite the community. Boy Scout Club offers a range of voluntary activities. Some of the activities are like cleaning Public Park, visit the old people. Two of my team members join one of the activities to visit the old people. Jack and Eric were my best friends in Boy Scout club,
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compositon3 - Steven Wai Lee October 18 2009 Composition#3...

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