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Total Learning Objectives - Learning Objectives for Test #1...

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Learning Objectives for Test #1 Chapter 7. Vectors and Matrices (pg. 294-334) Extend traditional view of vectors being only 2D or 3D to multidimensions Add, subtract, and scalar multiply vectors and matrices Create linear combinations of vectors Calculate inner (dot) product of two vectors by hand Determine if two vectors are orthogonal/orthonormal Define a vector norm and use L 1 , L 2 , L to compare vector magnitudes Compute the transpose of vectors and matrices by hand Perform matrix-vector and matrix-matrix multiplication by hand Chapter 2. Running MATLAB Create variables, vectors, and matrices in MATLAB manually Create a matrix using the transpose operator Create or modify an array using common Matlab built-in functions Create, extract, and modify matrices using subscript and colon notation Perform common matrix operations including element-by-element operations Define and use strings Read-in data or write to a file using save, load, fopen, fscanf, fgetl commands, etc. Plot and append various 2D and 3D plots from vector or matrix data Use the meshgrid command to transform vectors to matrices Chapter 3. MATLAB Programming Create ‘.m’ files and distinguish between function and script files Include input and output variables in a function ‘.m’ file correctly Call a function from the MATLAB window, a script, or another function file Use subfunctions in a function file Use the input, disp, and fprintf commands properly in a ‘.m’ file Use relational operators to compare variables Develop and read code that uses if…elseif…else…end blocks Develop and read code that uses “for” and “while” loops Develop and read code that uses a “break” command Vectorize loops and vice versa Develop and read functions that use multiple inputs and/or outputs Use global variables in a set of ‘.m’ files and describe the advantages/disadvatages Chapter 4. Organizing and Debugging MATLAB Programs
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Total Learning Objectives - Learning Objectives for Test #1...

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