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Daniel Alan Romandia Moreno

Daniel Alan Romandia Moreno - cage drops down and the rage...

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Daniel Alan Romandia Moreno Pima Community College East Campus WRT 101 The Track A Motocross track, a place where everyone goes to train, enjoy or just spectate. It’s not just one place, but many all around. Since the first time I went into the arena as a spectator, I fell in love with the place itself. Since then, I decided to be a racer for a moment, than a spectator for a life time, but now I’ve decided to go into FMX, a young sport. Both these sports are like a controlled explosion. Racing side by side with other machines and riders is like no other. Roaring machines at your side, riders ready to give out full throttle along with a crowd screaming and cheering on. The
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Unformatted text preview: cage drops down, and the rage if the engines go wild when every rider fights their way to the first place before the curve to reach safety. If so, you rush up into the air, then see clear way ahead while you spot your landing and plan ahead your next move. When leading, you think to yourself, “How far are the rest from me? Should I maintain this speed or risk it?” Pressure consumes you right away, and this often leads to a crash, but if you overcome the fear, the reward might end being the highest spot in the podium....
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