The Aztec Empire. Finished

The Aztec Empire. Finished - Daniel Alan Romandia Moreno...

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Daniel Alan Romandia Moreno ANT112 Reflection 5 03/30/2010 1 The Aztec Empire The Aztecs have a rich diverse culture which integrates many gods, rituals and fascinating ceremonies. The Aztec people come from Mesoamerica, where they dominated from the 14th century to the 16 th century where the Aztecs once had one of the largest empires of the world; within it they had rules, organization and great architecture skills. The powerful civilization of the Aztecs left a considerable impact in my culture; most of us Mexicans are descendants of the Mexicas and Aztecs. I focused my project on the Aztec culture to learn and teach how powerful of a civilization they were and to reflect their culture through my words and symbols for a better understanding for everyone. The immense Aztec culture holds a diverse history and a deep meaning to every single piece of its ways. One and the most important of the Aztec Gods Quetzalcoatl, which is displayed as a feathered Serpent in my mask, is the second God to be the Sun. Tezcatlipoca was the first god to be the sun, but both Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl didn’t get along, so the feathered Snake God knocked down Tezcatlipoca and became the second God to be the sun. Next was Tlaloc, the God of rain to be the sun, but Quetzalcoatl wasn’t happy with the God of rain being the sun, so Quetzalcoatl made the fire rain down to earth ending that era. “Quetzalcoatl means feathered snake, the feathers refer to everything that flies and the snakes to everything that is earthly. .. and so the feathered snake covers the sky and the earth, meaning Quetzalcoatl rules over everything.”(AbsoluteFact, 2). Quetzalcoatl means Feathered Snake in
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The Aztec Empire. Finished - Daniel Alan Romandia Moreno...

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