Chicano studies first exam 1 of 2

Chicano studies first exam 1 of 2 - 1 Daniel Alan Romandia...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Daniel Alan Romandia Moreno HIS 105 Guadalupe Castillo March 4, 2010 Chicanos At first, I thought of Chicanos stereotype like; as if they where all the same. Ever time people mentioned the word Chicano; I just pictured cholos and gang members. Now, the class helped me open my eyes to the real world of the Chicano community. The Chicano Identity is a tough one to talk state out because they are both U.S. citizens with Mexican roots. The term Chicano was put in place when the U.S. took over the northern part of Mexico. Mexicans who stayed there were no longer considered neither Mexican nor U.S. citizens, so the term Chicano was invented. The Chicano community experienced racism since the day of the Mexican American war for territory because they didn't belong to the U.S. anymore and they're lands where taken away from then by force. Yet, Anglo Americans didn't consider the ones who were born and raised in the U.S. as Mexicans; this confused me the most, since they're roots and ancestors are 2 the same as we Mexicans have. Chicano studies is part of my interest because I wish to know more about this mixed culture, because they had a tough time living where it was once their land. People abuse of them and reject them because of their roots and mostly because some are illegal. The Chicano community was an important part for the development of this country, and now a days the Chicanos have help from the government offices. Over time, the Chicano community fought for what they believed in, and thus they where granted some stuff they wanted like more benefits and liberty. My point of view is that Chicanos should feel free to think of them selves what ever they want, Mexican or U.S. citizen because they have those two backgrounds. ...
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Chicano studies first exam 1 of 2 - 1 Daniel Alan Romandia...

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