AP Gov Unit 2 - AP Gov Unit 2 1 How are individual schemas...

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AP Gov Unit 2 1. How are individual schemas developed? L ----------------- C 1. What is the process of political socialization? a. Agents/agencies of political socialization Individuals acquire political values through interplay of opinions i. Families 1. Single most important source of political schema 2. People’s moral values are typically set by age 4 3. Dinner with family talk about political issues ii. Religious institutions 1. 2. Reinforces our fundamental beliefs because our parents chose the church a. Parents take a child to a church that backs up their values 3. Education a. Public vs. private school b. Public (affluent) vs. public (lower wealth area) c. What is being taught i. d. People with less than a high school education have different political views of what government should do than people with a college degree e. People who are well educated pay more attention to politics f. People without a high school diploma want the government to help them 4. Income a. When people don’t make much $, they don’t want taxes but they want tax credits b. Some argue that most people don’t pay income tax after all the tax credits i. Top 15% of wage earners pay over 85% of the taxes 5. Region a. Pre-WWII played a major role b. REA-Rural Electrification Act (1920s) i. Allows radio and TV to set a national political culture c. Reinforcing a set of values by doing/going to similar places w/ people in the region 6. Gender a. Men generally pay more attention to politics women tended to follow their husbands voting patterns b. 1960s- women move away/vote differently due to women’s rights movement c. Women vote for social issues (Democrats-social welfare), men vote for war/law enforcement (Republicans) 7. a. Ethnicity- the cultural values as a result of the ethnic culture a person comes from i. Perception of politics has changed due to ethnicity 1. Ex-Irish potato farmers brought religion & based on how they were treated they joined certain political parties ii. Over time ethnicity can be lost by accepting new cultural values
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b. Race is more difficult to get away from than ethnicity i. Race can tend to wall off other groups ii. Race is visible and becomes a factor with how people identify others c. Identity politics i. People associate with primarily their race, gender or ethnic group 1. See all politics through that prism 2. Since the civil rights movement, people have wanted government to intervene to right past injustices a. Affirmative action 3. What is good for one group is bad for another group competing ideas are better instead of competing self-interets d. Race and ethnicity are becoming less prominent in voting i. Partially due to an increase in the number of children born to mixed families
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AP Gov Unit 2 - AP Gov Unit 2 1 How are individual schemas...

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