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2. In the letter to the editor the fallacy I found is Ad hominem (inconsistency).The reason I think this letter uses an Ad hominem (inconsistency) fallacy is that the writer of this letter thinks that a person inconsistencies refutes his or her beliefs. 3. The letter printed in Abigail Van Buren’s column contains the straw man fallacy. The reason I believe that the writer used a straw man fallacy in this letter is that the use of words like “rejects, publicity dumped and like they have leprosy” are exaggerations of how people refer to woman who are divorced. 5. In the letter to the editor the fallacy I found is the straw man. The writer cites the joggers and bicyclist as the reason for the park commission considering closing North Park Drive. The writer also cites anyone wanting to have a picnic will have to carry everything into the park including grandma. The writer is “rebutting” a claim by offering an exaggerated version of what is to come if the park commission closes the park.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The fallacy used in number six is the Ad hominem (inconsistency). The reason I think that the author used AD hominem (inconsistency) is because the author is assumed that the motivations behind the protestors of the figurines are all Anti-Semitic but has no evidence to back up these claims. 8. In the letter to the editor the fallacy used is the begging the question fallacy. The reason I think that this letter uses the begging the question fallacy is that it shows no evidence of additional growth; it does not show how it would help or what kind of help is needed. 9. The fallacies that I found in question nine are false dilemma and straw man. The reason I think that the representative used false dilemma is he or she only gave two options for condoms when condoms can protect people from other things during sex. The reason I think that the representative of the Church used straw man is that he or she said that condoms could not absolutely protect people from AIDS....
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